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Nonton Film Ayanos Adventure Subtitle Indonesia

Ayanos Adventure

Quality: Year: View: 770 views

Ayano’s delusion that wants to be loved Ayano who is married immediately after graduation with husband who is school senior and does not have experience of work life. Every night, because of her unaccompanied husband, I unjudge myself with masturbation. I often get to sleep and eventually fall in love. One day I visited for business … It is in the hands of a strange aura woman, and her hands are nervous. The more I love Saijo, the jealousy of the women around him and the jealousy of his wife who has not seen his face We are going to strange delusions. The hand of the woman who looked at the news from the news and the gross murder seemed to be careful. Her delusions are getting worse at the end of her colleague’s work, which shows ghosts around her … In the end, Ayano suicides by killing her husband and sucking herself up like a ghost.

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