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Nonton Film The Couple Who Work in Westan Resturant Subtitle Indonesia

The Couple Who Work in Westan Resturant

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Housewife Housewife Good couple marriage and Akira. The couple who enjoy business affairs in their restaurant Break time markers as usual and share intense affairs in the shop. The regular customers who came to the restaurant to find the cell phone that they left behind listen to both of their hot moans. Her husband Akira tempts Taranko to break up the store and share his intense affairs. 2. The husband does not know the affair Ten years ago, Mio, who lived in Tokyo because of debts and debt, met with Akira who rescued her in debt and lives with her. But he tries to bet on Mio. One day, niece Takashi who came to Tokyo. I do not have a place to stay in Tokyo and stay overnight. Takashi accidentally encountered Akira at a convenience store and called Akira He finds out that he lent money to several women. Takashi tells Mio this fact and confesses his mind in the future. The two share intense affairs, and because of this, Mio conceives Takashi’s child but decides to raise it alone.

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