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Nonton Film To Find Usual Life Subtitle Indonesia

To Find Usual Life

Quality: Year: View: 676 views

Hatsuki Nozomi latest work !! Asami is taking care of the Queen’s assistant Sage and Asami are eight years old. Even though her husband is not ideal, she decided to marry her stable future and sincerity, and she is confused after she finds her SM club business card in her husband’s clothes by chance. When he was frustrated with his work, he did not know how to relieve his stress. He found out that SM Club had an outlet for his weakness. She listens to her sincerity and becomes a queen for him and plays with him, but she also knows that she is not really satisfied. Sage invites SM club queen Reiko after her troubles, and Reiko helps Asami to bring her hidden desires to Sage and her beautiful office. And a couple who covet each other without a mind. However, Sage’s endless greed flows in a strange direction by attracting his load shoji.

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