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Nonton Film Lawyer Woman Disgrace Court Subtitle Indonesia

Lawyer Woman Disgrace Court

Quality: Year: View: 1,740 views

: Nozawa, Shunsuke, and Etorinko, both working at the Nozawa Law Office, are both competent lawyers and lovers. And Jang-chan, who is in charge of office work at their offices, is also bright and sincere and helps with work. In one of their quiet offices, one day they started calling the phone without knowing their intentions, Rinko finds out that the phone is Saeki, the defendant and the perpetrator of the rape case in which he was formerly a defender. She pleaded with him at the time, but there was so much evidence of rape, she was not guilty, and eventually was sentenced to five years in prison, but she was released to prison in three years. He thinks he was in jail because of Rinco’s defense. It appeared for revenge. Shunsuke, who learned this, hired a gangster to discipline Saeki, Saeki, who is more reluctant, conceals his identity and approaches her.