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Nonton Film Love Affair Of A Married Woman Subtitle Indonesia

Love Affair Of A Married Woman

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The banker Kosi who made a mistake in the past that can not be reversed.In order to make up for this, he became a secretary of human resources, accusing the wrongdoers of the layoffs or creating reason for dismissalWe take on the task of manipulating the scandal. As his ex-wife, Suetsugu, a former Koshi boss,Every night I read an article in the small bar. On the other hand, Kosi takes advantage of Aya who is his bedspread partner to accomplish a given mission. Then one day, the personnel department gives out the name of the manager Suetsugu as the subject of the next layoff to him.Kosi hesitates to feel his remorse. However, the human resources department, knowing that his wife was an ex-wife of SuetsuguI use my wife to drive Kosi down to say that I need to take a weak spot.