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Nonton Film Melancholy Flowers Subtitle Indonesia

Melancholy Flowers

Quality: Year: View: 489 views

Tanako, who also learns acting at a theater company, dreams of a screenwriter and works at Ginza ‘s entertainment facilities to make a living. I meet up with the dramas and have a chance to meet Takao who is also listening to a scenario seminar. I need money to pay living expenses to Takao who is hard to make a living than myself, As the mind grows bigger, I try to sort things out. Tanaka, however, believed that Takao, who believed in loving herself, When I know the fact that I made it as a scenario material, I suffer from an unknown feeling. On the other hand, Murasaki, who met his wife Tanaka in a private nightclub, I get divorced and become poor and contact Tanako. While praising his personality, who plays a role in feeding the pillar west, Tanako runs to Murasaki, who contacted him

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