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Nonton Film Pawnshop Of Married Woman Subtitle Indonesia

Pawnshop Of Married Woman

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Tomiko and Saburo who met as a childhood friend and got married.The couple is a married couple who does not lack enough but is not happy enough. After the end of the war, Saburo had built a small factory in the economic revival period, but he wanted to go out for a while, and soon he failed to withstand the pressure of large companies and made bankruptcy. Tomiko who does not worry about Saburo who cares about the future comforts. But the reality is that it is hard for people to push for money. In the end, he can not repay his money. Tomico believes that Saburo will come back for himself, but he has not contacted Saburo for more than two months. Tomiko is paying off his debt on behalf of his husband every time the expiration date comes. Ultimately, he can not make any payments until the last due date, and Tomiko goes to the auction. Saburo saves money late and rushes to the pawn shop, but it is already late, She cries out in the arms of another man.