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Nonton Film Rooming House Widow Subtitle Indonesia

Rooming House Widow

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Yumiko feels rather uncomfortable when her voluptuous and violent husband, Morita, leaves the world. However, once Yumiko is told that he will resume Morita ‘s life with his husband, he finds out an enormous amount of debt he had hidden in his life. I try to open my hands as I hurry, but things do not go well, and at the end of the day my house is red. Kaneda who gives her the hand of salvation. Kaneda confessed that Yumiko had been in his mind for a long time, and when he remarries with himself, he proposes to pay all debts instead. But Yumiko, who can not accept the proposal easily, has a nightmare that rages her every night, saying that the youth of the boarding houses should not throw themselves away. Yusuke, the longest boarding house in Morita, is worried about Yumiko, She explains her situation to Yusuke. Yusuke comforts Yumiko with a weak impulse. send. But the next day, Yusuke leaves Morita with a note that she is afraid that she will even hurt her, Eventually, he chooses to remarry with Kaneda. After a long time, a letter arrives to Yusuke and the two are reunited in the ruined Morita-za, sharing hot and long hearts that have not been shared.