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Nonton Film Sexy File 3 Subtitle Indonesia

Sexy File 3

Quality: Year: View: 552 views

Saotome Chika is a 32 year old ordinary office worker. However, when she is finished, she enjoys a two – hour night with a man who does a gorgeous make – up every day and goes out on the streets. One day, Chika makes a thick makeup and goes out and loses his wallet. Katsuharu, who accidentally picks up the purse of Chika, sees her employee card and returns to Chika’s house. When he saw the image of Chika, he made various demands to Chika, and he breathed in a struggle with Chika. Chika calls his friend Naomi to help with the body, and Naomi, who ran, brings her local grandfather. I have listened to Naomi’s ridiculous request, but my grandfather is still breathing in his house, and even Naomi wants to run away. And Naomi loses her mind in a fight with Chika again. She handles up to five neighboring couples who have discovered an accidental murder that happened and hides a body at home.