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Nonton Film Targeted Mom & Daughter of Small Restaurant Subtitle Indonesia

Targeted Mom & Daughter of Small Restaurant

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Hitomi runs a small lonely house With the help of her daughter Tomoyo, she always welcomes guests with her busy schedule. The shop is always crowded with guests who like Hitomi who is kind to the beauty. Gow also wants to get close to Hitomi, but he does not get it. Rather, his daughter Tomoyo came to Gow with interest, Gow gets information about Hitomi to such Tomoyo. Gow, who was left alone with Hitomi in difficulty, told her heart to her, Hitomi is pleased to accept. And I keep secrets to everyone and enjoy the fun of two people. While Tomoyo doubts between Gow and Hitomi, he worships Goou hard. Three left in the store and drinking, Tomoyo pursued the relationship between the two, Kou and Hitomi strongly deny it. Having left Hitomi to sleep first, Tomoya’s persistent affectionate aggression, Gow is inevitably accepting Tomoyo.

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