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Nonton Film Ulterior Motive of Woman Doctor Subtitle Indonesia

Ulterior Motive of Woman Doctor

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One day, the reason why his marital relationship got offended was his impotence A man who came to the clinic run by Rica who does not know the cause of the disease or the cure. She feeds him with sleeping pills, telling him that he will cure. A man who wakes up sleeps in a room Rica who realizes the truth and feels terrified but soon comes to see him. She was actually treating her illness by mixing with the male guests who come to her clinic. At first, I felt rejected, but I started to feel like it was when there was no reaction and no reaction. Another man lies in another room at that time. His name is Kenichi. He wants to talk to his favorite girl but does not know how to treat the girl. Rika reminds Kenichi how to treat a woman and her latent pleasure that she is not a difficult person. Another third man is cut off from the company in the name of sexual harassment and finds her clinic with heartache. Taking him into the room, Rica changes into a Maid costume and treats his broken heart and body. They solve all the wounds and problems with Rikman’s way