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Nonton Film Young Woman at The Hotel Subtitle Indonesia

Young Woman at The Hotel

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Working as a call girl. Sometimes she finds a spoiled guest, but she sincerely and sincerely serves and earns money It is strangely positive and energetic. One day, however, he finds a young man who has fallen on the road and brings him home. Maki is a college student who has gone on an adultery and has run away, and does not ask Nagi if he does not talk about the details. Nagi spends time with Maki, gets to know each other, feels the happiness of an ordinary date that builds up a good time, and gradually gives him heart. Maki also falls into the pure and bright charm of Nagi, but one day a father arrives, knowing that Maki is in Tokyo through a friend he met by chance. Although his father was a coercive and authoritative person, After she finds out that she has been hospitalized after she left her house, she eventually leaves with her father. Nagi actually quits the call girl who had begun for her sick brother and mother in her hometown and wants to enjoy ordinary happiness after receiving her license but she returns to her original life after learning that she has left.